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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  June 8, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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a tragic day, it is a very, very difficult day. 5 people are dead including two police officers in a bloody rampage in las vegas. good evening. the police say a man and a woman opened fired in of a las vegas pizza restaurant while yelling, "this is a revolution" but the shooting did not stop there. the gunfire continued at the walmart next door. >> reporter: police officers comforted each other after a man and woman shot and killed two of their own in a las vegas pizza parlor just before noon on sunday. the officers were eating lunch at the time. a witness says the couple told
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him they planned more bloodshed. >> they had a backpack and i saw the gun in their hands and we just -- he told me to tell the cops it was a revolution. >> reporter: the police say the couple went into a neighboring walmart where they killed one more person. s.w.a.t. officers quickly surrounded the store. the couple then turned their guns on themselves. the police have not established a motive for the killing. >> late this afternoon, the police said there was a gunfighted in of the walmart between the officers and the suspects. that is when the woman shot and killed her partner and then killed herself. >> in oakland, a 15-year-old girl is dead, two men are injured in a shooting. the three were in a car driving on 83rd avenue and east oakland around 10:30 last night. as the car approached a street gunman in the streets fired. bullets hit the girl. the 25-year-old driver and a passenger. no word on the condition of the men who survived and the police
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do not have a motive yet. let's switch gears to chat about something most people are talking pw-rbs the heat around the bay area. sun worshipers gathered at crown beach. a lot of ice chests and food and of course people cooling off in the water. all happening as high pressure cut out the cooling effect of the low clouds. so, we will look for highs above 100 inland on monday. the numbers, today, hit 103 degrees at livermore. 104 at fairfield. we will see if we can catch a break coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, he is back. the hidden cash man and today, kpix mark kelly tells us the scavenger hunt was the biggest. >> reporter: nice day to blow bubbles and eat ice-cream cones at the beach. another clue, palas of fine arts. not long and chrisy field was flooded. >> let's head out, let's go.
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>> the four leg ed to the two leg ed on all 4s, they were determined to find the hidden cash. >> it is more about the fun of finding something before other people. >> palo alto jason boisse is giving away thousands with one request. the winners pay it forward. >> there you go $40. >> jamal has two ideas what he will do withs his winnings. >> pay it forward. treat myself to a lunch after this hard work. >> reporter: 14 containers stuffed with cash. some ice-cream cone shaped and the others, a bottle of bubbles and buried deed in the sand. >> they are all wet and disgusting. yes $60. yes. the millionaire has his critics, too. in 2012, online article
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described his real estate business as taking advantage of struggling homeowners during the great recession, buying their homes at below market value, flipping it them and making a profit that the homeowners would never see. he denies any wrongdoing. >> $100. >> reporter: if you missed this hunt and want to cash in on the next, take along the taylors for good luck. this one has $60. >> ma >> what is your total $160. >> where to donate? >> i am going to leave it up to my daughter. >> the hunt will expand with a new schedule of hunts expected tomorrow. >> in other news, the tsa is setting plans to give checked luggage different levels of screening. depends on the apparently. we are live at sfo tonight with the first look at how it would work. hi, mark. well, brian, right now t it is 1 size fits all for checked
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luggage. one is screened the same way as every other bag. they are looking at ways to chicago that. looking at calling a risk face screening process. >> reporter: when your plane is cleared for take off you are counting on security to make sure the passengers and the luggage are well screened. >> they have rolled out trusted travel programs like tsapre as a way to give less screening to known passengers. but, right now, it is not possible for baggage. all baggage is screened the same way. and that is just fine for passengers like andrew lite. >> i think they should screen them equally. making sense to me. but now, the tsa is embarking on a 5-year, $2 billion capability plan. part of that plan will study ways to match in realtime checked bags with the security profile of the passengers that checked them. bags of lower risk passengers
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might receive less screening than other bags. the idea, to speedup the process and focus more attention on higher risk baggage. the traveler feels such a plan who have unintended consequences. >> i thank it would not be useful because then like, whoever was targeting airlines they are just trying to transport something. they would hire someone with whatever profile they would need to get the bags to, you know, more likely get through. >> reporter: and this passenger is not convinced. >> i am -- i am kind of one that likes to see a little more security. i like to know people that i am flying with? they still have crazy objects in their body. >> reporter: they screen airports all over the country. the tsa and the report says it will begin working on it immediately. reporting live at sfo, kpix5.
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the fate of a midcentury modern movie theater in san jose is now in the hands of the city council. the century 21 dome theater opened in 1964, a familiar landmark outside of the mystery house. it shows the last move nemarch. the owners want to tear it down. the fans want to preserve the thaoeter and the two sister domes. the city council begins public hearings on tuesday weather to seek landmark status for the domes. a new study about grocery workers in california and their difficulty putting the food they sell on plates themselves
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heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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type of public assistance. that's according to a new sy a third of grocery workers in california are receiving some type of public assistance. that is according to a new study from the university of california. they found 1 in 5 grocery workers rationed the food he or she sells. the median wage fells from $19 an hour to just over $15.
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and that is what they say has undermind the industry standard as stable middle class jobs. san francisco has openings for 6 green jobs over the summer over a program called environment now. but as mark kelly warns, the lazy need not apply. >> reporter:ed in of this market street restaurant. davis, teaching staff the ins and outs of green living. >> the green bin? >> reporter: she is part of a program called environment now. her job is to go door to tkao eblg indicating all of -- her job is to go door to door. she has not all been a recycling ambassador. >> i was homeless for about, i would say for about a year. at first i was lost. i did not know what i wanted to do. >> reporter: in and out of shelters and no college degree made a career look like a longshot. >> but now i know what i want to do, do something with the environment. i want to be part of changing
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the world. >> i don't see limits to her potential. >> reporter: she works with her. he calls environment now much more than an internship. many of the uponna can'ts come from tough backgrounds. when they arrive in these doors they are not just getting coffee they become ecologe experts, learn microsoft computer programs and some set up an e-mail for the first time. all of the while earning a liveable wage with full benefits. >> we tell them it will be the most challenging job they have and when they leave here in two years they will find the job or career they land in is easier than this. >> what did you learn? >> i learned pretty much whatever you want to do. pretty much. >> pretty cool thing. >> when i see her in this working and with her genuine enthusiasm for composting and recycling it warms my heart. >> reporter: soon she will graduate with professional skills, solid res may and most
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importantly, a mind set that could -- resume and most importantly a mind set that could concure the world. >> the program really works. the six about to graduate have a job or theyor a second interview for a job. new details tonight about the condition of actor, comedian tracy morgan and the injuries he suffered in a deadly crash. and one of the warmest years in the east bay seems to never end. that is not the east bay. we will see if we at least get a break, though, after another kind of break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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improvement tonight, after surgery following a deadly h on the new jersey turnpike. tracy morgan is showing signs of improvement tonight
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after summery following a deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike. the former "saturday night live" and "third rock" star is in critical condition. he suffered a broken leg, nose and several broken ribs in the accident. a big rig slammed into morgan's limo bus early yesterday morning killing comedian james jimmy mac mcnair. a walmart truck driver failed to slow for traffic and lost control. well, fans of broadway theater will want to stay right here on k about pix5 tonight. suzanne marquez takes a look at what to expect at the tony awards. >> reporter: fans lined up quick ahead of broadway's biggest night. this year's tony awards is going to be better than ever. >> there will be a lot of surprises. >> some cameos? >> many. >> reporter: a gentleman's
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guide to love and murder. [singing] >> reporter: it will faceoff against "beautiful" a musical "after midnight". >> reporter: "all of the way" is considered a front-runner for best play. also in the running, act 1. starring tony shalub. >> there are many highly anticipated performances this year including one from the good wife allen cummings and the cast of "wicked" is celebrating the show's 10th anniversary. former host and nominee, neil patrick harris will take stage for a gender-bending performance. >> the great roll. nothing like i will ever do again. >> reporter: it has the second most nominations with 8 including best revival and best
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actor in a musical. back to you. >> you can see the tony awards show tonight at 8:00 right here on kpix5. check out this amazing site. stargazers witness this show in the skies above st. cloud, minnesota in the wee hours this morning. the northern lights. going across the sky into the colors, scientists say a powerful magnetic storm was behind the display. i have seen lunar eclipses, you know, every sort of planet phenomenal there is, but that is one thing that has got to be on everybody's to do list. the problem with northern lights you can not predict them. geo magnetic storms help but where to go, exactly. iceland would not be a bad place. right now we can use ice in the bay area. as we look towards oakland and the numbers we have concord at 100 degrees, 104 at livermore,
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oakland, 84, san francisco, sweltering at 87 degrees. san skwroes a89, and 97 in santa rose a. the heat is on in the bay area. so is the poor air quality. we have spare the air day tomorrow. east bay and south bay. hard hit by this dome of high pressure that is over the west coast, tonight, 8:00. it will be warm inland and around the bay, mild at the coast. there will be a little bit of a chill heading out. tomorrow, fine, partly cloudy skies at the coast. over lows inland in the middle 60s, here is why. high pressure is still in firm control over the next 24 hours, as a result we are still getting warm temperatures and that is going to change by tuesday. the high finally gets battered down a little bit by the low pressure and re-establishment of the sea breeze means the temperatures will fall. 10 degrees inland by tuesday. tomorrow, it is still warm, though. future cast shows clouds are
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not coming to the rescue. fog coming through the golden gate. that is about it. you can see it tomorrow morning. rest of the day, plenty of sunshine and plenty of heat. and we will be here 1degrees again inland. so, here is what is next. highs near 100 tomorrow. low 70s at the beaches. it will be cooling it off by tuesday. so, the temperatures coming down on tuesday and it will be looking for things finally to come down into the 80s by midweek. 104 degrees tomorrow. 106 in redding and fresno. eureka, mild by comparison. morgan hill, 92 degrees, 95 at campbell. san jose, 88 degrees. 92 for the east bay shoreline. hayward, inland. above 100 in pittsburgh, above 100 in brentwood, only as you get closer to the shoreline do the temperature comes in the 90s. as we look at san rafael, 88 degrees. 93 in santa rosa.
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80. then, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. the numbers dive down to the low 80s inland. we get back to the seasonal normals by wednesday. sunshine, plenty of it and hot times ahead. let's see what is happening for sports, den sis in today. >> yes, hot, hot, hot, baseball. >> yes. both teams are about as hot as you can get. we tend to get greedy here in the bay area. so, the cardinals, just getting through the college world series. it was win or go home for the cardinals today. can you guess how big the giant's lead is right now? here we go again. the latest bench-cheering brawl between the a's and the o's, next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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time in program history... cardinal skipper mark marqus battle of the brains in nashville. beating vanderbilt. a starting pitcher, james, got 2 outs. now, slicing one down-the-line to make it 2-0. it was 4-0 after 1. but the cardinal fights back. wayne taylor, triples to the same part of the yard. a run comes across, cutting the lead to just a run. that was as close as they got. fred michael dur an. robbed of a hit by bryan renaldton. they advance to the third college world series in program
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history. the season is over. during the pennant race, zach wheeler to the mets. he faced his old team today. giants continue to shoot up the standings. lincecum won four starts but gets the long ball on the 3-0 pitch and the mets. coming from behind on friday and saturday. now, wheeler, now, hitting one in the corner. 2 runs score on the triple. wheeler did not get out of the 4th inning, that is the shortest start of his young career. 4-2 giants in the 6th. destroying him, the curveball, solo shot. almost took out a couple of kayaks, got the lead to 1. allowing 3 runs in 6 innings, 5- 3, now, uncorking the pitch, breaks for it. cutting the lead to 1. but,
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romo comes in the 9th to get the major league leading 20th save for him. giants sweep the mets and they have a 9.5 game lead on the dodgers now. get your play off figures. now, all three a's catchers in the lineup today. jaso serves up the hitter and bases loaded in the 3rd and he goes deep. originally ruled the grand slam. but, jones said not bad. challenging, the replay showed it did not quite clear the top of the fence. settling for a 2-run double. later in the inning, bases loaded again. grand slam for brandon moss. he has 53 rbis. leading 6-0. all of that run support. got it. plenty to smile about. defense was not shabby, either. a diving stop in foul ground. file s it right to the edge of
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the outfield. now, 7 shutout innings, an era of 2.20. manny, causing the benches to clear on friday night when he took offense to a tag. with a 10-1 lead, the a's wanted to settle the feud. now, they went inside twice on the second one. now, throwing the bat down the third baseline. the benches clear, now, they would both be ejected. the a's found the oa11-1 to take 2 out of 3 in baltimore. now, djokovic trying to complete the grand slam by winning a french open. an event that nadal owned in recent years. the king of clay lives up to his nickname. nadal, far court. taking the second set. going to win in 4 sets to win his 5th straight french open title 9th overall. he is now 66 and 1. danica
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finished 37th at pocono. that is a weekly theme where we say she finished. >> i know. >> jimmie johnson could not get out of the pit without crashing. he will not win three straight races, five laps to go. brad keslowski trying to hang on after a late restart but dale earnhardt jr. makes the pass on the inside and despite leading 11 laps all day it is little e taking the checkered flag at pocono for the first time in his career. pga, final round. final tune up for the u.s. open. mickelson holds it for a bunker for birdie. lefty finishes 11. four strokes behind that man. ben crane, gets the par. on 13. hanging down the stretch. on a day he has to play 30 holds, the first since 2011. >> yes. >> all right, thank you. >> that is it for us at 5:30.
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we will see you back here in half an hour. "cbs evening news" is next. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> glor: tonight gunfire in las vegas, at least three are dead after two people open fire on police officers inside a restaurant. we'll have the latest from the scene. terrorists storm a terminal at pakistan's biggest airport attacking not just people but planes. new details on tracy morgan's condition after the crash that left one person dead and a driver charged. anne-marie green is following. the owner of california chrome makes more controversial comments today about why he thinks his horse lost. >> this is a coward's way out in my opinion, this is a coward's way out. >> glor: don dahler on this bitter post race debate. and the hidden cash man unmasked. the man leaving $100 bills all over his city is not anonymous any more. he's also not stopping. captioning sponsored by cbs